Founded by Thione NIANG, we are a global platform working to transform relationships and create innovative business opportunities globally with an Incredible mix of preeminent Afro descendant leaders, passionate change-makers and rising stars of all ages.


Afro Global Connect is a global platform founded by Thione Niang with the prime of connecting Afro descendant leaders across the globe. The idea came into life after Thione Niang’s world tour in 2021 in Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, US, France, Brussels, Switzerland, etc...He noticed the similarities in culture and the need to unify us in a platform to network and create innovative and business opportunities globally. This will help Fostering growth and new ideas amongst members by helping support existing projects amongst members and our respective communities.

Transforming relationships and ideas. Incredible mix of preeminent leaders, passionate Afro descendants change-makers and rising stars of all ages. More than a conference: invitation-only, off-the-record for Leaders and Change makers from Afro Descendants around the world.

The challenges before us are profound. Some may say impossible. But AGN reimagines what’s possible with bold ideas through unify. We will work to showcase the best of our diaspora globally and work to support policy makers on policies that affect the Afro descendant communities. AGN strengthens Afro descendants place in the world. Together, we can reshape history.

Upcoming Events

Dakar, Senegal - April 2 - 10, 2022


Washington DC, United States - September 22-23, 2022


Paris, France - October 08, 2022
Cartagena, Colombia - TBA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - TBA
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto - Canada - October 15 - 23, 2022

Upcoming Events


  • Welcome by local leaders (ministers or presidents)
  • Meeting with Local Afro Global Connect Group to network and exchange idea
  • Training on Global Networking and leveraging relationships
  • Visit of the City
  • Beach Day
  • Palenque Visit
  • Salsa Classes
  • Volunteerism at Afro Community for Kids
  • Conference with the AFro Descendan Youth
  • Gala Dinner


Regular Membership


  • Access to national network
  • Invitation to national events
  • Invitation to brunches and cocktails at a discounted price
  • Access to private Facebook group

VIP Membership


  • Access to national network
  • Invitation to national events
  • Invitation to brunches and cocktails at a discounted price
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Access to the international network
  • Invitation to international events
  • Publications on social media outlets
  • Access to the online course on transformational leadership


Participant must be business owner, a top executive or a non-profit founder

Not included in the ticket: airfare, fees to touristic sites, food and beverages outside

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